Monday, April 18, 2016

Fishing boats setting off to sea during the Civil Dawn from #Hastings' Beach; Start of a new exciting week! So thankful & happy to be home after an incredible Friday in #Brixton @dogstarbrixton then setting straight off to MK's magical old castle in deepest Devon. The most beautiful cast of characters assembled for the weekend ( not forgetting the peacocks, donkeys, pigs, horses, parrot, authors, drag queens, strippers, writers, artists, psychics and general gorgeousness. Moreover the connections were incredible - friends of friends were mentioned like @dbrown_esq, @wadecrescent; SP and A the naughty Devils; I could go on ) So looking ahead to a new week in recording studios, art studios and by the looks of it - lots of sea swimming. Shout out and Thanks too @djjoshuajames for setting Audio Sushi on fire in my absence.

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